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Hi, I’m Cathy Hughes.  

I call myself the Quince Queen + Creative simply because I’m in to quinces … and have been for half-a-lifetime.  I started Quince HQ in May 2019.

As an orchardist, I grow quinces as sustainably as possible on the family farm with my husband Rick.  Our little orchard of nearly 100 espaliered trees is protected by two ducks and an occasional broody pea hen and her chicks.  

As a writer, the history of quinces is both deep and endlessly fascinating; brimming with stories from other cultures, people and places that have links with this ancient fruit.

As a cook, the world-wide culinary traditions and inspiring people using quinces is a gift that keeps on giving. The recipes on my “to-try” list just keeps getting bigger.  

And while I wouldn’t call myself an artist; the drawings, paintings, photographs and works with words by others inspired by quinces leaves me wanting to seek more of their beauty and wonderment.

That’s why quinces are magical for me … and why I am passionate about them.


For all general, media and book enquiries please contact Cathy Hughes at Quince HQ.

0428 720 728


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Take a closer look at the garden and orchard at 'Still Water' in South Australia HERE

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